Celebrities reaction to Mercy Johnson’s story of daughter’s ‘bully-teacher’

Since when has it been a crime to be Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s daughter?

That was the opening line of Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s narrative of her daughter, Purity’s experience with a teacher allegedly bullying her at school.

However, an Instagram account, @thenancychidera, gave a different account of what happened.

In reaction, Mercy Johnson-Okojie went to the school and made a video to disabuse people’s mind of what @thenancychider narrated.

The narrative has set off a chain reaction of events. Read the full gist

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Below are celebrities’ reactions to the saga:

Toyin Abraham: “Mercy you forget to write the school and teacher’s name.”

@justadetoun: “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. I don call you three times. Where be the school make we land there biko.

“The school that tried this with my son suffered. I still collect my school fees refund from their hand, petition the Commissioner for Education and all.

“Our children’s mental health must be protected always.”

@realwarripikin: “What! This is totally unacceptable 

“By now the teacher ear suppose don dey bring milk (Back to back Slap)

“Whenever my kids are involved I choose violence any day anytime.”

Yvonne Jegede: “Which Purity are you talking about? The Purity that always greets me with a big smile.

“The Purity that I mentioned the last time I visited that she’s grown so much and is acting with so much maturity and poise and charisma?

“The Purity I said is well behaved? I don’t like this. People are crazy oo. I can’t believe this.”

@toolzo: “Please, what’s the address and teacher’s name. Let me get my baseball bat, and we can roll.”

@babarex0: “Make nobody try dis rubbish with my kids o. E no go funny .. e no go even come online Self. Rubbish.”

Toni Tones: “Mercy, you don’t have to say too much. Where and when are we fighting her? Because I don’t like nonsense. *starts taking off earrings*.

@etinosaofficial: “Mama, I appreciate your calmness. Please, kindly furnish us with the name of the teacher and the exact school branch where we can find her.

“Me, I no get home training.”

@toolzo: “Please, what’s the address and teacher’s name. Let me get my baseball bat, and we can roll.”

@zicsaloma: “Why will a teacher like that be in a school of such standard. SHE certainly needs to be sacked, Period!”

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