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European football

European football

European Football – Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken out about his future in a recent interview with Portuguese journalists, making it abundantly clear that he has no intention of returning to European football.

In his statement, Ronaldo firmly stated, “I won’t return to European football, forget about it — the door is completely closed.”

Ronaldo believes that European football has experienced a noticeable decline in quality. He expressed his opinion that the only European league worth considering is the Premier League, emphasizing that it stands head and shoulders above all other leagues. He asserted, “I’m 100% sure I won’t return to any European club. I opened the way to the Saudi league… and now all the players are coming here.”

Ronaldo’s decision to explore new horizons has led him to consider the Saudi Arabian league as his next destination. The Portuguese superstar even went on to assert that the Saudi league surpasses the Major League Soccer (MLS) in terms of quality. According to Ronaldo, “Saudi league is BETTER than MLS.”

These comments from Ronaldo shed light on his unwavering determination to continue his football career outside of Europe. While he acknowledges the dominance of the Premier League, he sees the Saudi league as an appealing opportunity to further challenge himself. The lure of the growing interest in the Saudi Arabian football scene seems to have captivated Ronaldo, and he appears eager to embrace this new chapter in his illustrious career.

Ronaldo’s decision not to return to any European club may come as a disappointment to fans who were hopeful of witnessing his exceptional talent on the European stage once again. However, his firm stance suggests that he has set his sights on exploring the uncharted territories of Saudi Arabian football, where he believes he can continue to excel and make a significant impact.

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