EndSARS: Beyonce Is Not Nigeria’s  Spokesperson- Singer’s Mum Blows Hot

International act Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson has spoken up in defence of her daughter after she was called out for not lending her voice to the ongoing EndsSARS protest in the country.

The singers mother via a long post on social mother replied those who called out Beyonce for not showing any interest to the happenings in Nigeria.

Recall that Tiwa Savage called out Beyonce in a video that went viral to help lend her voice in the ongoing campaign noting that her team reached out to Nigerian creatives for the Black Is King project to showcase the beauty of Africa.

Reacting to this, Beyonce’s mother said Tiwa Savage was supposed to reach out to her daughter’s team as regards the happenings instead of going on social media to call her out noting that she is not Nigeria’s Political leader or the spokesperson.

Read part of her post below:

“No matter what my daughter does, she is scrutinised and torn apart. She makes a record and uses all African artist, producers, writer. She is criticised because she didn’t get artistes from every country in Africa. There are 52 countries!

.. She made art!! She is an artist! That is what artist do. She is not your political leader or your whipping board. I have had enough of the hating and I’m personally tired of the attacks..

.. I pray every day for Nigeria and all countries that are being abused and murdered for the colour of our skin!!! I would do anything to help but stop with the abuse and stop trying to make her your spokesperson and shaming people for doing things their own way.”

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