Fans React After Actress Chacha Eke Faani Announce End Of 7-year-old Marriage

Actress Chacha Eke Faani has announced that she has put an end to her 7-year-old marriage with her husband Austin.

In a now deleted video, the Nollywood actress was seen saying that she was leaving her marriage.

She stressed further that she is finally leaving with her life intact and would share reasons why she is leaving soon enough.

She said:“This video is to let the world know that I’m done with the marriage. I don’t have a lot to prove that I’m done with him but I’m done. I’m done. I’m leaving with my life, finally. I can’t say a lot now but you’ll hear my story.

However, her marriage is one of the most celebrated in the entertainment industry and she often share photos of her beautiful family.

As expected, fans have expressed their worry and disappointment at the video she made.

Read some comments below:

rozzay12: “Jesus I thought they were one of the best couples.”

jossybukola1: “Chai… Even Chacha Eke get problem for marriage…. Wahala for this country ehn na 5&6.”

just_chinyere: “I want to believe this is a prank. Chacha you can’t disappoint us.”

mata_porsche: “What’s happening na dis 1 own pain me. I’m beginning to be scared now. God pls help us.”

kennyobba: “Her look says it all…she turned from the beautiful lady back then onscreen to an unkempt looking woman after marriage and claimed she was trying to be natural. It was an obvious sign of abuse, only God knows what type of abuse it was. May God heal your heart woman.”

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