Music Producers in Nigeria: Profiles of 5 Best Afrobeat Producers and their works

Music Producers in Nigeria

Music Producers in Nigeria

Music Producers in Nigeria – Globally, music producers play a multifaceted role bringing the sounds of an artist to live. It is no exception in the Nigerian music industry.

From curating the perfect rhythm and beats to providing valuable guidance on vocal deliveries, the music producers in Nigeria have contributed in advancing the country’s finest sounds. 

Nigerian music producers serve as the backbone of artistic expression of the various Afro related genres of music, working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring out the best in Nigerian musicians.

Nigeria has witnessed an exponential rise in the global recognition of its artists in recent years. This meteoric ascent can be attributed, in no small part, to the influence and expertise of music producers.

These individuals possess a deep understanding of the cultural nuances, diverse genres, and unique sounds that define Nigerian music. 

Nigerian music superstars like Burna Boy, Davido, Asake, and others have forged stronger collaborations with local producers to enhance their musical styles. Sarz, Pheelz, Don Jazzy, and Masterkraft are among the top producers in Nigeria, whose artistic contributions have played a pivotal role in advancing the Afrobeat culture within the country.

In this blog post, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide on the role and significance of music producers in the success of an artist. By the end of this article, artists will have a clear understanding of why collaborating with reputable producers can greatly enhance their artistic journey.

What does a music producer do?

One of the primary roles of music producers is to create and shape the rhythmic foundation of a song. They are skilled in manipulating instruments, samples, and digital tools to craft captivating melodies, harmonies, and beats.

Through their expertise, they help artists find their signature sound, ensuring that the music resonates with listeners and stands out in a highly competitive industry.

By experimenting with various elements, music producers breathe life into a track, transforming it from a mere composition into an immersive auditory experience.

Moreover, music producers in Nigeria often extend their creative input beyond the realm of instrumentation.

Sometimes, they collaborate closely with artists to develop engaging and relatable lyrics that connect with the target audience. These producers lend their storytelling prowess, helping artists to convey their message effectively and bring their emotions to the forefront.

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By providing valuable feedback, suggestions, and guidance, music producers enhance the lyrical depth and authenticity of the songs, ensuring they strike a chord with listeners both locally and globally.

In addition to their artistic contributions, music producers in Nigeria also serve as invaluable mentors and music instructors for emerging artists. They possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, having worked with numerous talents throughout their careers.

Music producers guide artists in harnessing their vocal abilities, refining their performance skills, and maximizing the potential of their unique sound.

They do so by offering constructive criticism and practical advice, they help artists grow, enabling them to reach new heights of success.

Top Music Producers in Nigeria


Music Producers in Nigeria

Sarz is indeed a prominent music producer in Nigeria who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry.

Born Osabuohien Osaretin, Sarz is renowned for his exceptional production skills and unique musical style, which has had a profound impact on Nigerian music. Here are some of his leading contributions and notable works;

1. Leading Contribution to Nigerian Music: Sarz played a crucial role in revolutionizing the Nigerian music scene by introducing fresh sounds and innovative production techniques.

He has contributed to the growth of various music genres in Nigeria, including Afrobeat, Afropop, and Afro-house.

Sarz’s ability to blend different genres and infuse traditional Nigerian elements with contemporary sounds has significantly influenced the direction of Nigerian music.

2. Notable Works and Contributions:
a) Collaboration with Wizkid: Sarz produced the hit single “Jaiye Jaiye” featuring Fela Kuti’s son, Femi Kuti, which helped establish Wizkid as one of Africa’s biggest music stars. He also produced several other successful tracks for Wizkid, such as “Come Closer” and “Soco.”

b) Sarz as the “Beat of the Year”: In 2019, Sarz’s production on Niniola’s hit song “Maradona” earned him widespread recognition. The beat became highly influential and received the “Beat of the Year” award at the Soundcity MVP Awards.

c) “Mad” by SARZ & WurlD: Sarz teamed up with singer-songwriter WurlD to release an EP titled “I Love Girls With Trobul” in 2019. The project gained critical acclaim and showcased Sarz’s ability to blend Afrobeat, R&B, and electronic sounds.

d) “Essence” by Wizkid ft. Tems: Sarz co-produced the chart-topping hit “Essence” from Wizkid’s album “Made in Lagos.” The song has gained international recognition, making it a standout track in the Nigerian music industry.


Music Producers in Nigeria

Masterkraft is indeed a prominent music producer in Nigeria who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry.

His real name is Sunday Ginikachukwu Nweke, and he is widely recognized for his exceptional production skills and ability to create captivating musical compositions.

1. Leading Contribution to Nigerian Music: One of Masterkraft’s leading contributions to Nigerian music is his production of numerous hit songs across various genres.

He has worked with several A-list Nigerian artists, including Flavour N’abania, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Phyno, Banky W, and many others. His collaborations have resulted in the creation of numerous chart-topping and award-winning tracks.

1 Notable works by Masterkraft include:

a) “Fine Lady” by Lynxxx ft. Wizkid: This collaboration between Lynxxx and Wizkid was a major hit and received widespread acclaim. Masterkraft’s production on this track showcased his ability to blend different sounds and create a catchy, melodic tune.

b) “Ololufe” by Flavour N’abania ft. Chidinma: This beautiful love song became an instant hit in Nigeria. Masterkraft’s production infused highlife elements with contemporary sounds, creating a unique and captivating experience for listeners.

c) “Aye” by Davido: This song became a massive hit, both in Nigeria and internationally. Masterkraft’s production provided a perfect backdrop for Davido’s infectious vocals and showcased his ability to create a rhythmic and energetic track.

d) “Indomie” by Masterkraft ft. Olamide & CDQ: This song became an anthem in Nigeria, with its infectious beat and catchy lyrics. Masterkraft’s production skills were evident in the seamless blending of elements from different genres, creating a club banger.

Masterkraft’s unique style has had a significant impact on shaping Nigerian music. He combines traditional Nigerian sounds, such as highlife, Afrobeat, and indigenous percussion, with contemporary elements like hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music.

Furthermore, Masterkraft’s attention to detail, strong sense of rhythm, and ability to create infectious melodies have made him a sought-after producer in the industry.

Music Producers in Nigeria – Don Jazzy

Music Producers in Nigeria

Don Jazzy is indeed a prominent music producer in Nigeria who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry.

Born Michael Collins Ajereh on November 26, 1982, Don Jazzy is widely recognized for his exceptional talent and entrepreneurial skills.

1 Leading Contribution to Nigerian Music: One of Don Jazzy’s leading contributions to Nigerian music is his role in the establishment and success of Mo’ Hits Records, a record label he co-founded with D’banj in 2004.

Under Mo’ Hits Records, Don Jazzy produced numerous hit songs that not only dominated the Nigerian music scene but also gained international recognition.

Some notable works produced by Don Jazzy during his time at Mo’ Hits Records include:

1. “Tongolo” by D’banj
2. “Pere” by D’banj ft. Mo’ Hits All Stars
3. “Oliver Twist” by D’banj
4. “Suddenly” by D’banj
5. “Booty Call” by Mo’ Hits All Stars

In addition to these, Don Jazzy’s production prowess extended to other artists outside Mo’ Hits Records, including Wande Coal, who was signed to the label. Together, they released several successful tracks such as “Bumper to Bumper” and “You Bad.”

Following the dissolution of Mo’ Hits Records in 2012, Don Jazzy went on to establish his own record label, Mavin Records.

Under Mavin Records, Don Jazzy continued to shape Nigerian music by producing hit songs for various artists and nurturing new talents.

Some notable works produced by Don Jazzy at Mavin Records include:

1. “Dorobucci” by The Mavins
2. “Adaobi” by The Mavins
3. “Godwin” by Korede Bello
4. “Ojuelegba” by Wizkid
5. “Mama” by Tiwa Savage ft. Kiss Daniel

Don Jazzy’s unique production style, characterized by infectious beats, catchy melodies, and creative arrangements, has had a profound impact on Nigerian music.

His ability to blend different genres, such as Afrobeat, pop, and R&B, has contributed to the evolution of Nigerian sound, making it more diverse and globally appealing.

Furthermore, Don Jazzy’s influence goes beyond music production. He has played a crucial role in mentoring and supporting young talents, helping them to achieve success in the industry.

Through his social media presence and philanthropic efforts, he has also fostered a sense of community among Nigerian artists and fans.

Young John

Music Producers in Nigeria

Young John, whose real name is Udomboso John Saviours, is indeed a prominent music producer in Nigeria. He has made significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry and has played a crucial role in shaping its landscape.

Here are some highlights of his leading contributions, notable works, and how his unique style has influenced Nigerian music:

1. Leading Contribution to Nigerian Music: Young John is widely recognized for popularizing the “Shaku Shaku” sound, a street dance genre that took the Nigerian music scene by storm.

He infused this energetic and infectious style into his productions, creating a wave of hits that dominated the charts and clubs across Nigeria.

2. Notable Works and Contributions:
a) “Olamide’s Baddo Snehsin Album” (2014): Young John gained significant recognition for his production work on Olamide’s critically acclaimed album. Songs like “Story for the Gods” and “Bobo” showcased his ability to create catchy beats and captivating rhythms.

b) “Kizz Daniel’s Mama” (2016): Young John’s collaboration with Kizz Daniel resulted in the hit track “Mama.” The song became an anthem and established Kizz Daniel as one of Nigeria’s leading artists. The fusion of Afrobeat elements and Young John’s signature sound made the track an instant success.

c) “Naira Marley’s Mafo” (2019): Young John’s collaboration with Naira Marley on the hit single “Mafo” further solidified his influence on Nigerian music. The song became a viral sensation, and its unique blend of street vibes, heavy basslines, and infectious hooks captivated listeners nationwide.

Young John’s unique production style blends elements of Afrobeats, Afro-house, and street music, creating a distinct sound that resonates with Nigerian youth.

His contributions to the “Shaku Shaku” movement revolutionized the Nigerian music industry, inspiring numerous artists to embrace the genre and incorporate it into their own work.

Young John’s distinct sound has influenced the soundscapes of artists such as Zlatan, Reminisce, Lil Kesh, and many others, shaping the direction of Nigerian music and contributing to its global recognition.

Music Producers in Nigeria: Cobhams Asuquo

Music Producers in Nigeria

Cobhams Asuquo is indeed a prominent music producer in Nigeria, known for his exceptional talent and contributions to the Nigerian music industry.

He has made significant strides in the field, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene.

1. Leading Contribution to Nigerian Music: One of Cobhams Asuquo’s leading contributions to Nigerian music is his exceptional production skills and his ability to infuse diverse musical elements into his work.

He has a keen ear for blending various genres such as R&B, soul, pop, and afrobeat, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound.

Cobhams has played a pivotal role in shaping the sonic landscape of Nigerian music, bringing a fresh perspective and pushing creative boundaries.

2. Notable Works and Contributions: Notable works by Cobhams Asuquo include his production credits on numerous hit songs and albums by some of Nigeria’s biggest artists.

Hehas worked with renowned Nigerian musicians such as Asa, Banky W, Timi Dakolo, Bez, Omawumi, and many others.

Cobhams’ production on Asa’s debut album, “Asa,” was particularly influential, with tracks like “Jailer” and “Fire on the Mountain” showcasing his ability to create soulful and thought-provoking compositions.

Beyond his production work, Cobhams Asuquo is also an exceptional songwriter and singer in his own right. He has released his solo projects, including the critically acclaimed album “For You.”

His musical prowess extends to playing various instruments such as the piano, guitar, and drums, which further adds to his versatility as an artist.

Cobhams Asuquo’s unique style has had a profound impact on Nigerian music. His productions are characterized by lush arrangements, rich harmonies, and meticulous attention to detail.


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