Pre-save Campaign 101 – How to Use this Tool for Music Promotion in 2023

Pre-save Campaign

Pre-save Campaign

Pre-Save Campaign – One tool that has gained significant importance in modern music marketing is the pre-save campaign.

Similar to pre-orders for physical albums, pre-save campaigns have become an essential component of music promotion strategies.

By allowing fans to “pre-save” a release on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, these campaigns help generate buzz and ensure a strong start for a new music release.

We will explore how pre-save campaigns work and the benefits they bring to both artists and fans. Meanwhile, let’s delve into what a pre-save campaign really is.

What is a Pre-Save Campaign?

A pre-save campaign is like reserving a front-row seat for an upcoming music release on streaming platforms.

Instead of physically purchasing the music beforehand, fans can save the release to their library or playlist ahead of its official release date.

This way, they are notified as soon as the release becomes available, and it automatically appears in their chosen platform’s library or playlist.

Early Streaming Benefits of Pre-save Campaigns:

1. Exclusive Access: Pre-saving a release grants fans exclusive access to listen to it as soon as it becomes available. Instead of waiting for the official release date, fans who participate in pre-save campaigns are among the first to enjoy the music.

Pre-save Campaign for music promotion

2. Convenience: Pre-saving a release ensures that fans don’t have to remember release dates or manually search for the new music.

By opting into a pre-save campaign, they receive a notification or email alert, making it easy to find and enjoy the music when it drops.

3. Building Anticipation: Pre-save campaigns help generate excitement and anticipation among fans. They can share their pre-saves on social media, letting their friends and followers know about the upcoming release. This sharing amplifies the reach and potential impact of the campaign.

Charting Benefits:

1. Real-Time Data: Streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music pay close attention to the streaming activity of a release following a pre-save campaign. The number of pre-saves and subsequent streams can contribute to the release’s charting performance. High pre-save numbers can catch the attention of platform algorithms and playlist curators, potentially leading to increased visibility and exposure.

2. Algorithmic Playlists: Streaming platforms often curate personalized playlists for their users based on their listening habits and preferences.

By accumulating a significant number of pre-saves, a release stands a higher chance of being considered by the platform’s algorithm for inclusion in these playlists. This can result in exposure to a wider audience and increased streaming numbers.

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3. Chart Rankings: Pre-save campaigns contribute to the overall streaming numbers of a release during its first week.

Higher streaming numbers, especially during this critical period, can help propel a release up the charts, potentially leading to better chart rankings and increased visibility within the music industry.

Setting Up a Pre-Save Campaign

a. Choose a Platform: To get started, artists or their representatives need to select a platform that offers pre-save campaign capabilities. Popular choices include platforms like,, and SmartURL.

b. Create a Landing Page: Once the platform is chosen, artists can create a landing page specifically designed for the pre-save campaign. This page will serve as a hub where fans can sign up and express their interest.

c. Integration with Streaming Platforms: Artists need to integrate their chosen platform with the streaming services they wish to target, such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer.

This integration enables the platform to communicate with the streaming service and automatically add the pre-saved release to a user’s library when it becomes available.

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d. Incentives and Sharing: To incentivize participation, artists often offer exclusive content or rewards to those who pre-save. This can include early access to a single, behind-the-scenes content, or even merchandise.

Artists can also encourage fans to share the pre-save campaign on social media to generate more buzz and reach a wider audience.

Promoting Your Pre-Save Campaign:

a. Social Media: Utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about your pre-save campaign. Share engaging posts, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes content to generate excitement and encourage fans to participate.

b. Email Marketing: Leverage your email list to directly reach out to your existing fan base. Send personalized emails inviting them to pre-save and explain the benefits they’ll receive by doing so.

c. Collaborations and Influencers: Partner with other artists or influencers who align with your music style to help promote your pre-save campaign. Their support can amplify your reach and attract new fans.

In conclusion, pre-save campaigns have emerged as a powerful tool in modern music promotion. They allow fans to secure their spot and receive notifications about upcoming releases, while also benefiting artists by boosting their stream counts and fostering fan engagement.

By understanding how to set up pre-save campaigns and promoting them effectively, artists can create a buzz and ensure an album release gets the required engagement as soon as possible.

These engagements could unlock algorithmic and editorial playlist opportunities, bringing the particular release to wider audience.


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