Good music – Improving your songwriting skills and lyrics

Good music

“Good music can win you favours money can never buy”. 

Yeah! Let’s dig in.

If you’re an up-and-coming artist struggling to break through, it’s time to get back to the drawing board.

The secret to succeeding in the increasingly competitive global music industry is making good jams.

Knowledge of the workings and financing of the modern music industry are also important factors.

But you can’t put less emphasis on quality music or knowing how the music industry works if you want to break through as an artist.

Many investors invest in music with little or nothing to show for their investments. Either they had little knowledge of how the music industry works, or the music invested in was not top-notch sound or both. The truth is, no one succeeds in an industry he or she doesn’t understand how it works. 

For example, if one wishes to succeed in the film industry, it is important to understand how the film industry works. The same goes for the real estate, logistics and hospitality sectors or any other sector for that matter.

Just as understanding the music business is a necessity, making great music is VERY crucial because music is the most important commodity musicians have to sell. It’s a fact that artists make money from image rights and/or sponsorship deals. This is possible if an artist becomes popular. Of course, it takes consistency in producing good music to become popular.

We can’t help but agree that good music can win you favours money can never buy. Check out what an artist stand to benefit with great songs:

-Apple Music and Spotify editorial playlists.

-Free playlisting by independent curators.

-Viral reposts.

-Free radio airplays and much more.

The favours of doing good music are unquantifiable. 

So, what can an artist do to improve his or her sound?

1 Discover your own sound. Dig deeper in search of your own sound. Resist the temptation to sound like someone else or be a copycat. All successful artists have their unique sounds. Wizkid, Burna Boy, Blaq Bones, Asake all have their own sounds.

2 Try different approaches to writing songs. It could be first to identify the theme or the message of the song. Then come up with rhymes and a beat that could set the song up for success. For example, if the theme of the song is freedom, lyrics like fighter, mightier, sword, word might work just fine.

3 Listen to more music and all kinds of music. Practically listening to music and studying the lyrics of other great singers, from various musical genres, would definitely improve an artist’s songwriting skills and add more mood to songs.

4 Produce a beat and let it inspire your next jam. If you’re working with very talented producers as an artist, you can just demand that they do some type of beat before you even write your next song. Listening to this beat over and over again could really inspire a unique, melodious sound.

The above strategies could help any artist dramatically improve their musical content. In the meantime, remember that knowing how the music industry works is also crucial to succeeding as an artist. Why not join our music business masterclass on WhatsApp? Reach us now +2349073423257.

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