Maka Chukwu: An Inspiration to tell a love story in a captivating way – Melody Uweh

Maka Chukwu by Melody Uweh
Maka Chukwu by Melody Uweh
Melody Uweh

Off the Street Music hooked up with  Melody Uweh, the ‘Maka Chukwu’ crooner, to a virtual interview on the 6th December, 2020.

The Oron-born singer shed light on the making of his recent hit single – Maka Chukwu – especially the inspiration behind the jam and all work put in to make it a success.

Read the excerpts from that interview below:

Q: Melody Uweh, it’s nice to speak to you for the second time this year. How has the journey been so far? 

A: So far so good, the journey has been very promising. You know when I look back at what I’ve done in the past 12 months I would say that the future is bright. There might be a few ups and downs at some point but the future is what we all make of it. So, basically I’m steady on my grind you know. This is the time to sow. A time to reap will definitely come. So, the journey has been promising. Nothing less. 

Q: You released ‘Successful’ sometime in July. A lot must have happened between then and now. 

A: (cuts in) …Yeah. A whole lot. My team and I have been up to the game. Just as I promised my fans in the last interview it’s gonna be back to back music nonstop. That’s what I’ve been doing. The year has been difficult but it has also given me ampful opportunity to focus on this game solely. The Lockdown period turned out to be my most creative moment. I’d literally written over 10 songs within the period. Also, I had to use the opportunity to plan my recent release – Maka Chukwu. The audio and visuals of the jam were both released on the 1st December, 2020.

Melody Uweh

Q: Tell us more about ‘Maka Chukwu’. 

A: ‘Maka Chukwu‘ is a vibe; a whole new level of it. This jam was one I decided to try something new and refreshing and I tell you the fans are going to love it. The inspiration was to tell a love story in a way that is musically captivating. So I spoke to Magictune Essien and Davidwhyt Umoh about this. At first I spoke to Essien, the producer who produced Maka Chukwu, about my concept and he did well to bring in Umoh the saxophonist. You’ll agree with me that the blend of the melodious sound of the saxophone gave this jam the x-factor.

We didn’t stop there. I was really passionate to tell a complete and good story. So, what to do? Take this game to a new level. I had to shoot my very first official visual for my releases. So, I got my team to work on the shoot. I must say the visuals of ‘Maka Chukwu’ helped in illuminating the story behind it the more. 

Q: The Nigerian music is becoming more and more competitive. Do you think it is even more daunting to ride to the top? 

A: Daunting is an understatement. The Nigerian music industry is best described as a jungle where only the fittest survives. I mean this year alone saw the breakthrough of Omah Lay, Laycon and Cheque. All top talents. But you see, no matter how competitive the industry has become recently, I will breakthrough big.

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Apart from making good music, I’m resilient and dedicated to the cause. It takes persistence to breakthrough in this game. I’m equal to task. Look, I’m a fighter. Maybe I bite better than Suarez. I will succeed in this industry. 

Q: So what are your plans going forward and what should the fans expect? 

A: Basically, I am already working on my next release. You know the release of one jam is the beginning of work to release another one. So, I’m working on my next release already. But this time it will be an EP because I’ve got good music to serve my teeming fans. 

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The EP is to be code named – ‘Successful the EP’ which I hope would be released before June next year. So, the fans should expect the compilation of good jams. 

Q: What’s your final word to your supporters?

Shout out to my fans out there. Keep keeping it real cos [sic] I’m on a steady grind to give you good music. Stay safe in this season of festivities. I wish you all Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead. See you on the other side. Peace! 

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