‘Invest In The Youths Around You’- Daddy Freeze Advise Nigerians

Popular Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze has said that the best investment of an individual is not about having properties but lifting the poor out of poverty.

The media personality made this revelation on his social media platform via Instagram where he shared his thoughts regarding how people can make huge investment in life.

Daddy Freeze made it known that the best way to make an investment is to bring the less privilege out of poverty.

According to him, peoples properties and houses can be easily destroyed if they do not invest in uplifting the youths from poverty adding that people should secure their future, not by buying properties, or investing in businesses or taking care of their children, but by also investing in the youths around them.

He wrote:“The best investment in life is not buying property or starting a business don’t let motivational speakers fvck with your mind…

The best investment is lifting the poor out of poverty.. Your houses and businesses could be destroyed in seconds if you don’t invest in uplifting the youths around you from poverty!

Secure your future, don’t invest in businesses or property or your children alone, Invest in the youths around you!”

As expected, fans took to the comment section some agreed with the media personality while others disagreed with his opinion.

Dadonlaw:This is actually fallacy, you can’t lift anyone out of poverty of they don’t have the mental capacity. You can only do your best by showing them the way out of poverty and keep mentoring them. Invest in yourself first so that you can be an investment for others. Invest in properties and other things for your future and that of your children so that you wouldn’t be a liability to others by the time you are too old to work.

Akudonwogu_art:Meanwhile their irresponsible parents brought them into the world with no plans for their future. We will invest so our children will not end up on the streets and without hope, and we will make sacrifices for others as we are led to by God.

Ayodejieluwole:This write up is meant for the third world countries. If I start up a business and I employed tons of employees, am I not investing into the life of the youth one way or the other?

In the western world of business are destroyed, insurance could cover it.

Angelofori01:To be fair to a lot of our fathers, they did this. Paid school fees of children in their neighborhood. Children whom they never even knew from Adams. They just bought newspapers from his father or akara from his mother. Or even their gateman’s child. Today, we don’t even know our gateman’s name.

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