Sophia Egbueje: I experience the worst social media bullying

Sophia Egbueje

Sophia Egbueje

Sophia Egbueje!; When you live your life and earn your daily bread in the public domain, there appears to be no rule of engagement as you are bound to be a fair game to all and sundry. This is a fact of life: a top fashion and lifestyle influencer, Sophia Chinwe Egbueje has had to learn the hard way. And the fact that her Instagram page where she influences brands is replete with exotic pictures of exotic destinations doesn’t matter as a stream of comments always flow her way to give her a tough day.

“In a blanket term, I experience the worst social media bullying from people who decide that I am perfect. Then resolve that I think I am perfect. Then set out to prove me wrong. It’s a hurtful cycle and although I will get over it easily, the fact remains that it is them, the bully, that suffer the most in all of this. Such people are only mirroring their insecurities instead of dealing with it. I may not be perfect but I do insist that I am beautiful and it should never mean you aren’t, love yourself as I love myself then maybe you will love me too and I can love you. It is never a competition,” she said in a chat with Potpourri while narrating her ordeal at the hands of social media trolls.

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Of course she has shrugged off the negativity and has continued to live her best life while doing what she loves doing the most- influencing brands.

“But I must say that I’m not bothered and won’t change my style because of that. Fashion is personal and my style will be defined accordingly,” She said.

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