Ajah Youth Entertainment Award: Comic Actor of the Year

The Ajah Youth Entertainment Award is a yearly event designed to honour and promote Ajah emerging talents in the entertainment industry.

The award is organized and sponsored by Omo Sanni, a prominent showbiz promoter in Ajah.

The contestants for this year’s comic actor are Mc K Smart, Obily, MC Emmagine and Man Paulo.

This year has been a difficult one with Covid 19 and police brutality to contend with. But these comic stars light up our mood with their creativity. Wouldn’t you rather vote for your favourite comic artist of the year? That would be a kind gesture.

The award event would hold on the 10th January, 2021.

Vote for your favourite Ajah comedian of the year. All voting ends on 3rd January, 2020. Vote now!

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  1. Creativity is in comics is needed considerin the state of the world currently and all these artists are doing so well

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