Comedian AY Says It Is Inappropriate To Blame Celebrities For The Death Of Protesters

Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun aka AY has reacted to the backlash celebrities received as regards the death of EndSARS protesters.

The comedian via a recent post shared on his social media account screenshot his tweet on how celebrities have been receiving blames despite their involvement in the protest.

According to AY, he said it is an inappropriate response to blame celebrities for the death of people who were fighting for a abetter Nigeria adding that people should be focused and not be distracted.

He further appealed to everyone to maintain a proper focus on the set goals while mourning those who have passed on.

Part of his post read:”Let’s quit discouraging everyone who joined us all in making our voices heard, no matter how low. Your liking or disliking any celebrity doesn’t count as much as we respect ourselves as human beings. Let’s not make our solutions to the problem be as bad as the problem itself.We shall all be alive to witness that NEW NIGERIA of our dreams soonest.”

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