Oxlade’s Manager Has A Swelling In His Brain After Being Beaten During Protest- Singer Reveals

Nigerian singer Oxlade has disclosed that his manager Ojah B who was tortured by men of the Nigerian police during the EndSARS protest in Surulere a few days ago is currently in a bad shape.

The singer was also injured in the protest in Surulere while his manager was severely beaten by the Nigerian police and kept in custody, but he was  released after the intervention of other Nigerian celebrities.

After a thorough medical checkup, it was revealed that Ojah B has a swelling in his brain and couldn’t control his fingers and this news has left the singer heartbroken and he took to his Twitter page to notify the public of his managers condition  and also expressed his disappointment. He enjoined everyone to keep praying for Ojah B.

He wrote: My brother has a swelling in his brain and he can’t control his fingers, thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you Nigerian government for failing the youth. I am lost for words right now, but please keep my brother In your prayers

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