BET Awards 2023: How Libianca beat Asake to “Best New International Act”

BET Awards 2023


BET Awards 2023

BET Awards 2023 – The BET Awards are one of the most prestigious events in the music industry, celebrating the achievements of artists from various genres.

In the 2023 edition, Cameroonian artist Libianca emerged as the winner of the “Best New International Act” category, much to the surprise of some Nigerians who believed that Asake deserved the accolade.

However, understanding the dynamics of the music industry and the impact of Libianca’s song “People” sheds light on her well-deserved victory.

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1. The Global Impact of “People”:
In 2022, “People” by Libianca made an immense impact on the international music scene.

The song resonated with audiences worldwide, including Nigeria, with many artists, both locally and globally, doing covers of the track. This widespread recognition contributed to the perception of “People” as a groundbreaking song.

2. The Significance of Covers:
The fact that numerous artists, including top Nigerian artists, covered “People” speaks volumes about its popularity and influence.

BET Awards 2023

When artists cover a song, it signifies their admiration for the original work and their recognition of its cultural significance. The covers helped create a buzz around “People” and solidify its status as a global sensation.

3. The Voting Process and Viewers’ Choice:
The “Best New International Act” category at the BET Awards 2023 is determined through a voting process, wherein viewers have the opportunity to voice their preferences.This voting mechanism allows fans from around the world to participate and support their favorite artists.

Libianca’s “People” garnered significant attention and votes due to its international success and the excitement surrounding the song.

BET Awards 2023

4. The Impact on Spotify:
The streaming platform Spotify plays a pivotal role in measuring an artist’s popularity and reach. “People” amassed over 320 million streams on Spotify, an impressive achievement that contributed to Libianca’s recognition as a rising star in the Afrobeats genre. With more than 21 million monthly listeners, Libianca solidified her position among esteemed artists such as Rema, Wizkid, and Burna Boy in terms of streaming numbers.

5. The Billboard Hot 100:
Debuting on the renowned Billboard Hot 100 is a significant milestone for any artist. The inclusion of “People” on this prestigious chart further bolstered Libianca’s reputation and elevated her visibility on a global scale.

The Billboard Hot 100 serves as a testament to the song’s impact and demonstrates its ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

While some Nigerians may have initially questioned Libianca’s victory over Asake for the BET Awards 2023 “Best New International Act,” a closer examination of the circumstances reveals the deserving nature of her win.

The song “People” captured the attention of audiences worldwide, earning its place in the hearts of music lovers and industry professionals alike. Libianca’s success is a testament to her talent and the power of a single impactful track.

Asake, being an accomplished artist in his own right, can rest assured that his substantial impact in the previous year will undoubtedly earn him recognition and accolades in the future.


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