Actress: Etinosa Idemudia questions why African elders fail to apologize when they are wrong

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has questioned African elders over their failure to give an apology, when they’re wrong.

Etinosa Idemudia questions African elders apology

Etinosa took to her official Instagram page on Sunday, November 7th, to express her worry over this decades old behaviour among elders.

According to the actress, this toxic behaviour in Nigerian homes and families needs to stop, and that change begins with her.

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Etinosa Idemudia wrote;

“Happy Sunday 💜

I want to talk about the last slide 😂😂

Why do African elders find it so difficult to admit and apologize for their wrongs? Especially to a younger person either in age or societal hierarchy. “Do you know who I am” mentality.

We permit this toxic behaviour in our families and it also plays out in government where so called “constituted authorities” feel so big to be accountable, to answer to the “commoners”.

It must stop. The change begins with me.”


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