It Is Not A Woman’s Fault When A Man Cheats- Yemi Alade Voices Out

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade slams those who faults women when their partners cheat on them adding that no matter how good one is, it might never be enough for some people.

In her recent tweets which was posted on Twitter on September 22, 2020, the music star noted that despite you being good to other people, you will never be enough for some people.

“Don’t people realise that no matter how good you are, you might never be Completely enough for some people, so they cheat. It’s not your fault!” she tweeted.

“But why is it so easy to assume its the woman’s fault when a man cheats but when a woman cheats she is a sl*t ?”In recent times, the singer has become vocal about her thoughts on political and social issues.

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