Comedian Bovi And Wife Celebrates Wedding Anniversary

Popular comedian Bovi and his wife Kris Asimonye has taken to social media to celebrate a very important day in the history of their love.

The couple who got married 11 years ago have taken to social media to express their love for each other and to also celebrate themselves as their marriage wax stronger.

To celebrate the big occasion, the duo took to their individual social media account to share beautiful photos of themselves and complimented the photos with beautiful words to go with it.

According to Bovi he thanked his wife for the music because that is what their marriage is all about.

However, Kris was more expressive in her words as she described her husband with sweet words. She wrote how she was blessed to be married to the father of her children and further said he is the wind beneath her wings and her goldmine.

According to her, Bovi is completely undisturbed by her choice to keep her maiden name and that she rejoices everyday to be married to Bovi.

Excerpts from her caption reads: “Oh how blessed I am to be married to this goldmine of mine!

Everyday so far in this nuptial union, THIS WOMAN rejoices!

Husband of mine, So secure in who he is,

Completely Unperturbed by my continued use of Maiden name..Unmoved by conventional ways,

In fact, Husband of mine encourages my use of maiden name! The Feminist man!! My husband Bovi!!

Happy anniversary my king!! My special gift!!”

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