Davido Mocks Wizkid FC Says He Is Bigger Than Their Favourite Act

Aftersince the release of music star Davido’s latest single ‘Fem’ there have been a lot of speculations going around as regards the lyrics of the song as people feels he is talking directly at another artiste in the industry. 

Recently, a Wizkid Stan identified as Seyi took to Twitter to accuse Davido of buying views on YouTube as the visuals hit over 3 million views in just 24 hours of it’s release.

“When the hype is down, we’ll talk about how Davido pulled the biggest heist on YouTube with Fem”

While responding to the tweet, the singer who claimed to be the biggest Nigerian artiste ever told the fan to accept that he is bigger than his favourite artiste.

Just accept IM BIGGER THAN UR FAVE“. The fan replied back and proudly stated that he is a Wizkid fan.

My fave is Wizkid Ayo fucking Balogun!Stop capping.”

Davido responded again saying he meant it when he said that he is bigger than his favorite artsite.

Calm down why u shouting … I SAID WHAT I SAID BITCH

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