Comedienne Maraji Narrates How She Was Dumped By Her Boyfriend 

Popular comedienne Gloria Olorunto aka Maraji has recently narrated how her ex-boyfriend dumped her for another lady after two years of dating.

Maraji took to her Instagram stories on September 11, 2020 and tearfully explained how the breakup has adversely affected her stressing that it had been tough for her eversince the break up.

Recently I was dumped by ex for no reason. Apparently, he likes someone else. It has been a tough month because it happened just last month. It has been a tough month,” she said.

“People have been very supportive of me. sorry people have been extremely supportive of me but there has been this friend of mine who I just made. honestly he has been there.”

“He is in India and I am here in Nigeria like he always calls me. And it shocks me that why does this person care about how I’m doing. I feel like God blessed me with this person.”

She disclosed that she shared this part of herself because a lot of people believe social media is only meant to share the happy side of your life.


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