Tiwa Savage Says She Once Lived In A Home Called Bed-Stud In New York, Appreciates Friend Who Fed Her

Life wasn’t so Rosy for music star Tiwa Savage as she narrates her story of how she once lived from hand to mouth in a shelter meant for old people in New York because she didn’t have any money at hand.

The singer let the cat of the bag during a surprise party organized by her friends to celebrate her latest album Celia.

While appreciating her friend Elizabeth Elohor, Tiwa explained how difficult it was for her to meet her daily needs because she could not work as an international student and was living at Bedford- Stuyvesant better known as Bed-Stuy, a project dedicated to poor people with drug related issues in New York.

While narrating her ordeal, Tiwa said:“I think I was 22 and we were in New York. I was living in Bed-Stuy, kind of like a shelter. A lot of people didn’t know this. I was in a shelter for women that had drug abuse problems. I just graduated from school. You know as an international student you can’t work. So, I couldn’t work. I was doing the side thing in Bed-Stuy which is like the hood in Brooklyn.”

Still speaking on how Elizabeth Elohor helped her out, Tiwa said they both went out for lunch and because she had no money to buy food for herself, she ordered for appetizers Instead of food which made Elohor ask if she wasn’t hungry.

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With an emotional laden voice and in tears, Tiwa said: “I remember she was looking at me and asked, ‘what are you ordering?.’ And I was just lying that I was not hungry. And then she just started asking me, ‘are you sure?.’ And then I just started crying. And then she’s just like, ‘what is the matter?.’ I said, ‘Elohor, I don’t have money.”

Tiwa revealed that Elohor ordered food for her to eat and also take home. She further mentioned that the first time her photo appeared in Times Square, the first person she called to share in her moment of joy was Elohor.

During her narration, Tiwa was not the only person in tears as Elohor could not control the water running out of her eyes. She stood from her seat and hug her now successful friend.

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