Chadwick Boseman Wanted To Film Black Panther 2 Before His Demise

The whole world is still in shock with the death of the Black Panther star who died recently of colon cancer which was not disclosed to the public until after his death.

According to reports, the 43-year-old was hoping to recover from his illness and complete the filming of the sequel to Black Panther.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source close to the late actor said that despite his declining health, Boseman was convinced that he would recover and film the movie.

According to the publication, a week before his death, Boseman was still optimistic about filming the movie.

Filming of the award-winning movie was due to start next year March 2021 and according to reports from sources at Disney, there have been no talks about the way forward as they still mourn the mourn the actors untimely death. It is further reported that no one involved with Boseman was aware of he had cancer. It was his wish to keep his affairs private

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