‘Women Cannot Submit To Irresponsible Men’ Daddy Freeze Reacts To Bishop Oyedepo’s Comment On Submission

Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to Bishop David Oyedepo’s recent comment as regards marriage.
According to Bishop Oyedepo, he stated that the only way to a fruitful marriage is submission on the part of the woman. Freeze who is known for tackling men of God took to his social media handle on Instagram to respond to what the Bishop posted. He stated that submission goes for both parties and not the woman alone, he quoted a Bible passage Ephesians 5 vs 21-25 to back up his claims. The OAP stated that the wife is supposed to submit to the husband just as he submits to Christ in their home.
“The bible says submit to the likeness of Christ in your home. This puts a man in his home in the place of Christ. So, for a wife to submit, it’s like the wife is submitting to Christ. You want your wife to be the church that submits to the wife, are you the Christ? Have you laid down your life for your wife?”
“It doesn’t start with the wife because if christ doesn’t lay his life down for the church, the church will not submit to Christ. so, it starts first with the christ. a woman will never lay down her life to a man who she doesn’t see the grace of Christ in a man who lacks self-control. A man who cheats and lies. If Christ was the husband of the church, do you think Christ will hide his password, account from the church? The responsibility in submission first starts with Christ.”
 “You cannot blame a woman who refuses to submit to a drunk. You cannot blame a woman who refuses to submit to someone who doesn’t want to go out there and work.” He concluded

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