Tiwa Savage Shares Working Experience With Sam Smith For ‘Temptations’

Tiwa Savage who is currently preparing for the release of her forthcoming album ‘Celia’ released a single ‘Temptations’ featuring Sam Smith.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Tiwa recounts her experience working with the singer. According to her, she did not think the collaboration was ever going to be possible even though she expressed her wish to her manager that she would love to feature the singer on one of her tracks.

Luckily for her, 6 months later, her wish came true and the end was ‘Temptations’

She said:“When I walked in, because we had a recording session with…  We had nine rooms in a hotel and I had different pieces of writing, and I walked into this particular room and I heard this record, and I heard the chorus, and I was just like, “This song is so special.” I sat with it for days just trying to get the perfect topline. And we did everything, and my label are like, “Which songs do you want to do a feature on?”And I said,

“There is this one song that I hear an artist on,” and they were like, “Who is it?” I’m like, “I hear Sam Smith.” But I know that’s never going to happen. So, that’s it. We just walked away from it. I promise you, I wasn’t even thinking that anything was going to happen. Literally, I think maybe six months later, my manager calls me and my manager’s like, “Sam is going to do the record.” I said, “Sam who? What are you talking about?”

Even still, I was just like, no, this is impossible. Five days later, she calls me and she pulls a Khaled on me. She says, “The vocals are in.” I opened my email, I heard it, and I literally had goosebumps, because we don’t know how amazing Sam is. 

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