“I Wish God Would Just Appear And Set Things Right” – DJ Switch

With all the happenings around the society, from crime rate to killings, rape, injustice and other evils one could think of saddens one heart which has made a popular DJ voice out.

Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Switch has taken to her social media page to show her concern and wish God could appear to set things aright.

She stated that if there was truly a God, she wishes he shows himself and rebuke killings, corruptions, child abuse and all other ills in the land. She further mentioned that with the aid of technology, he would trend and be able to show examples of unconditional love and also with the rate at which evils are occuring in the society, people would not believe if they saw God himself.

In her words: “If there really is a God, I wish he would just appear and set things straight! With technology now, it will be captured and God will trend, showing us we are one, rebuking corruption, hate, killings…child abuse, rape, injustice etc… Really showing an example of unconditional love, giving sex, choices… At this point, i fear people may not even believe if they saw a God!”

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