Fear Women- Singer Bez Idakula Exclaims

Nigerian singer Bez Idakula has taken to social media to share the funny love story of how he met his wife and how she spoke their marriage into existence.
According to the singer, he had an event at Victoria Island in 2010 when his wife approached him to sign a CD of his that he had gotten and instructed him to write a message that implied they knew each other and said “you know you’re going to marry me right?”
He explained that being a faithful guy in a relationship at the time, he laughed it off and told her he was already seeing someone. However, things didn’t work out  between the singer and his then bae and the relationship broke off and some few months after, he and Tito started dating, four years later, they were married. The Stop Pretending crooner ended the story by telling fans to fear women. He wrote:
 “We have a super interesting story! ⁣ ⁣So I had a gig in March 2010 at De Marquee, a lounge at the Mega Plaza rooftop in VI. After the show Tito came to meet me to say how good it was! I had met her before in my circle of friends so we were familiar. She was super cheeky that night! She got my CD with my 2 singles “Zuciya Daya” and “Stop Pretending” then made me sign it, instructing me to write something that showed we knew each other. Then she said “you know you’re going to marry me right?” of which as a faithful guy with a girlfriend I laughed and said I had a babe. That relationship scattered (not my fault) and by August we were dating, 4 years later we were married. ⁣
 Truth is I had an idea where this gist was going with a lesson and all but everything changed when I re-read it. There’s only one lesson here. FEAR WOMEN!!!”

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