Maryam Charles Showers Encomium On Husband On Social Media

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles has showered her husband with beautiful words full of appreciation for taking care of her and the family at large.

She said these words on her Instagram post where she described him as a smart man who works to provide a comfortable life for their family. She also gave a shout-out to responsible men doing same for their families.

She further advised young men to strive to be responsible and that marriage is not a scam if with the right person.

Read her post below:

“I sometimes look at my husband and I’m amazed at how hard/smart he works just to provide a better life for our family. See ehn, men go through a lot. From the time they are born, the mantle of provision is placed upon them. Every day they wake up and it’s how to make sure food is on the table for those at home that is on their minds. Kai! No be small thing o.

The responsible ones amongst them don’t complain, you will not see them coming on social media bashing anybody, their own is to do their work, provide and protect their loved ones and go. It’s the irresponsible ones that go around looking for girls to destroy, those ones have no future.

I’m not saying women don’t also hustle or provide, I’m just giving props to the men. They have it rough and it shouldn’t be so. To the women who have a responsible man by their side, take care of your man. Pamper him. Pleasure him. Praise him. Make him feel good because the words of our mouth serve as fuel for them. Force him to relax from time to time because if you leave them, these men will work and work and work lol

To all the boys and young men out there, always strive to be a responsible man. And please, don’t listen to those who say marriage is a scam. Marriage is a beautiful thing if you are blessed with the right person. But if you don’t want to get married, nothing spoil. Again, don’t listen to wrong advice from foolish people.”

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