Iyabo Ojo Shows Off Fully-stocked Pantry In New Home

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to her social media page to celebrate her new home and also her last day in a rented apartment.

Few weeks back, the actress daughter Priscillia shared a photo of her mom’s mansion on her Instagram page to celebrate her.

She stated further that her mother deserved the mansion she bought as she congratulated her.

The actress shared a video recently on her social media page celebrating her last day in a rented apartment singing praises to God.

Iyabo went ahead to show off the pantry of her new home in Lekki and it looked like a mini-mart as it contains almost everything one could find in a supermarket.

She further said that God turned her tears into laughter and her pain into joy and said people shouldn’t look down on others because God can change a person’s situation in a moment.

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