We would perform in Christian events anywhere in the world for charity – Hearts of Worship Crew

The Heart of Worship Crew

The Heart of Worship Crew

The Hearts of Worship Crew, a nondenominational Gospel group recently performed Tye Tribette’s “Work it out”, a performance that would lift one’s mood.

In an exclusive interview with Off the Street Music, the group revealed what it’s been like putting together that awesome cover and the challenges of pushing the group to limelight.

Read an excerpt of the interview below:

Welcome to Off the Street Music, Great and Salz. As representatives of the Hearts of Worship Crew, tell us more about this crew. 

Great: Thank you for having me. 

I’m Godsgreat Emmanuel Awah. I hail from Akwa Ibom State and I’m the leader of the group – The Hearts of Worship Crew. 

The Hearts of Worship Crew is a nondenominational gospel singing group consisting of 6 vocalists and 4 instrumentalists. I would say that this Crew came together for the first time in August, 2016. And eh… to the glory of God, we just celebrated our 4th anniversary a few days ago. 

The vision of this group is for our voices to be heard globally as we amplify the message of Christ through praise and worship. However, we are working as a team to empower our crew members individually. It is our outlined vision to support gifted & talented singers in our crew to achieve their personal objectives. Although the journey has been tough and rough so far. 

Salz, the Hearts of Worship Crew energetic performance of Tye Tribette’s ‘Work it out’ is one that cannot go unnoticed. What was the inspiration behind this performance? 

A quick one… I’m Salvation Amos Godwin. I hail from Akwa Ibom State. 

Well, “Work it Out” is the original song by a radical Gospel Hip-hop artiste,Tye Tribbette, who inspires us in this extremely difficult moment of the Covid 19 pandemic. Seeing people die in countries around the world was heartbreaking. There has been so much fear in the global society. Churches and schools were closed and are still closed till date. So, we thought we could inspire everyone by doing a cover of this song. 

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Indeed, God inspired us with the lyrics to give hope where there’s none and inspire mankind. Many plagues had befallen mankind. Just like the others, the Covid 19 pandemic would be history too. God will do it again. 

Great, you’ve come together as a group to deliver a piece of inspiration to the people during the glooms of Covid 19. How have you fared putting this together? 

In all honesty, it’s been an amazing experience putting the ‘Work it Out’ cover together despite the challenges the Crew encountered. In fact, looking back, the challenges made this experience more fulfilling. 

Before now, I had a conception of music being just about rehearsing and just deliver in the studio when it matters. Alas! I was mistaken. 

The rehearsals took its toll on us. We needed to be in the studio almost everyday. It was tough and difficult as we needed to transport to & fro the studio, together with other recording studio demands, the media & publicity, etc. 

The financial challenge was more telling. The Covid 19 lockdown made it even tougher. But as youngsters determined for our voices to be heard, we tasked ourselves. I’m aware some of the crew members contributed part of their school fees to pursue the vision of this group. 

This particular song really had us worked out, maybe exhausted in the period but we are happy with the progress so far. 

Salz, what would you consider the greatest achievement of this group specifically?

Well, the purpose of this group, as we highlighted earlier, is to bring hope to the people through praise and inspirational Gospel music. 

Meanwhile, the Hearts of Worship Crew would be fulfilled to perform at Christian events anywhere in the world, even if it is for charity sake. 

Great, as the leader of the group, how do you plan to sustain its activities?

That is an important question, sir. It’s been one we have deliberated on in the past. And it is still staring us in the face at the moment. In any case, our immediate plan remains to keep tasking ourselves since it is our project. 

Meanwhile, the music industry is one that requires huge financial clout to make any headway. On this note, we seek the support from men and women of goodwill in a form of sponsorship. 

What’s your message to fans out there? 

Be hopeful and ‘Work it out’. Have faith and beat your fears. 

Watch “Work it Out” Cover by The Hearts of Worship Crew  below:

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