Why Davido unfollowed everyone on Instagram; including Chioma

A few weeks ago, Davido had taken to Instagram to announce the change of his phone contacts. The singer indicated that he needed more time for himself.

Davido’s message read in part: “If you can’t reach me, don’t reach me. I will contact you. All my life I’ve put people before me…”

Meanwhile, what many did not see coming was probably how far he would go to stay incommunicado. It was, therefore, a rude shock to his associates and fans that he would unfollow everyone on Instagram. His fiancee, Chioma, was not spared either.

Why davido unfollowed everyone on Instagram
Davido recently unfollowed everyone on Instagram

A quick check on Davido‘s Instagram page shows that the singer had unfollowed everyone even when he’s no longer actively posting on the platform.

The singer apparently unfollowed his fiancee, Chioma, who recently came out to refute the claims of domestic violence that could have been dwelling in their relationship.

However, one question being asked by many is: why did Davido unfollow everyone on Instagram, including Chioma?

Precisely two weeks ago, the singer took to his social media platforms to announce he needed some “cleansing” to be done.

While his fans were eagerly anticipating his return to the social spot once again, he took a drastic action by unfollowing everyone on Instagram.

What we don’t know is if unfollowing his friends and associates was part of the “cleansing” Davido needed to do. Interestingly, only the singer has the answer to why he unfollowed everyone on Instagram. Time will tell.

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