Nigerian singer and friend arrested for robbery in Lagos

Nigerian singer and his friend have been arrested by the Lagos Police Command for an alleged phone theft.

The suspected criminals are Chinonso Michael, 25, an Afro hip-hop singer and Chimelu Victory, 22 years, a pianist.

The duo had on 10th April, 2020, ordered for an iPhone 11 Pro Max on pay on delivery. Valued at N450,000, the phone was ordered through an online platform.

The suspects then sold the phone to a buyer in Ogba, Ikeja, for a sum of N350,000 transferred into Chinoso’s bank account.

Meanwhile, things got bad for Chinonso and friend when they generated a fake alert that was a false payment for the phone. This got the police involved.

The suspects – who jumped off from the first floor to the ground naked – on sighting the police, confessed that was the third time they sold iPhone 11 Pro Max during the COVID – 19 lockdown.

In their confessions, Chinonso and Chimelo, who are regular performers in some Lagos night clubs, attributed their actions to the lockdown, stressing that they had nothing to eat for almost two weeks.

We were already owing all the store owners in the neighbourhood. Nobody was ready to give us credit anymore. We had to device a means to survive the lockdown”, they stated.

Chimelu, aka Apostle Swag, who recently resigned as a Lekki church keyboardist to pursue a career in music, stated that he used to have regular shows in Lagos clubs before the lockdown.

The suspects confessed that apart from their musical careers, they also engage in internet fraud.

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