Meet Mr Dansey Original: a brainy lyricist and vocalist

When a music artist says he does Afropop and Soul, then you can expect an exceptional talent. Mr Dansey Original is even more exceptionally talented. He has mastered the deeper expression of the Soul genre which stands him out as a distinctive vocalist. 

Soul-filled, captivating as Dasney’s vocals are, his lyrics are top notch with deeper rhymes that convey his message with ease. Beneath the deeper expression of his music, Dansey brings his sound more to life with an intriguing message(s).

Dansey Ugochukwu Mbah, professionally known as Mr Dasney Original, broke through in 2019 with ‘Countenance’. Countenance stands out for its melody and lyrical content. Fans are thrilled to lyrics like:

I swe*r for the first time I met you, girl

I ran short of words 

but I never ran short of nerves, you know 

oh when me I want to approach you, girl

Something dey do me for body, 

I think say na kolo 

Your countenance baby is not impressive 

E be like the game is over before I even start to play 

For an upcoming artist, ‘Countenance’ enjoys fair enough streaming across digital music stores. This is no surprise because of the soul-filled passion the lyrics command. 

Mr Dasney Original adds a lot of enthusiasm to his music. He’s got the charm, confidence and elegance to excel as a top music artist. He must have made the best decision to study Music at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

Speaking to Off the Street Music, Dasney revealed that he’s inspired by “reality and life”. 

Interestingly, his versatility and charisma is no question as he looks up to Flavour, as a mentor, in the industry. 

Listen to Countenance on Audiomack:

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