Why I won’t forgive Davido – Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, for the first time, has revealed she cannot forgive Davido.

The journalist took to Twitter to lambast  the Naija music superstar for disrespecting her clearly stating: “I hate you”.

Olunloyo did not stop at that. She alleged Davido sexually harassed her back in 2018.

“Sexual violence in Nigeria starts with sexual harassment. @davido fans don’t know how he sexually harassed me October 20th 2018. His fans and associates endorse this reckless behavior and it spirals. He has found it hard to say “Sorry”, an easy word that goes a long way,” her tweet reads.

“A 55yo Journalist doing her job writes about you. You don’t like it. What warrants you to go on Twitter telling her to “oil her p**sy because she’s lacking s*x”? It is absolutely disrespectful @davido. A can of worms now haunting u.

“What warrants you to call me “cheap drug user?” and “Werey” in three tweets? Did your mother teach you manners? No! Vero died of a cocaine overdose. I lived on your street in 1993 and even babysat you occasionally. You told DJ Abass you don’t know me. True!

“#FightSexualViolence @TiwaSavage your mgt mate plead to me several times to end this fight with you and I repeated to her it’s NOT going to happen till you apologise for those tweets. She said u were upset because I mentioned your late mother. Do u know how @Richkjtmusic feels?

“@SAMKLEF plead to me to let things go. I said NO! Nobody forgives and forgets. You cannot do both. I am NOT forgiving you as I told @SaharaReporters and will never forget. I HATE U @davido with passion. You sexually harassed me! You apologise! It was WRONG”, Olunloyo stated.

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