Davido not Burnaboy is Odogwu – Nigerian rapper says

This might not be an interesting news for Burna Boy following the release of his captivating single ‘Odogwu’. Odogwu is an Igbo word often used to accord respect to distinctive Igbo men in their respective walks of life.

Thus, we can understand why Burna Boy alluding to the fact that he’s ‘Odogwu’ of Naija music industry doesn’t sit well with Eedris Abdulkareem. The Nigerian rapper called out Burna Boy, in an interview with Objectv, saying he is arrogant and never is the ‘Odogwu’.

The hip hop singer also poured encomium on Davido while advising Burna Boy to take a cue from Davido and Wizkid as they are ahead of him as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned.

Davido with the DMW crew
Davido pictured alongside the DMW crew

In an interview with Objectv, he said;

“Davido, I’m your number one fan. From tomorrow, I go wear ‘Davido 01’. You be the Odogwu”

Burna Boy, you never reach Odogwu. Na Davido be Odogwu, I no know you”

Giant at of Africa? You never reach Giant of Kogi, take it easy” Davido has been able to add value to lives in this generation. I respect Davido, no be say I dey toast am. Davido has love, leave him alone”

If I have to call anybody Odogwu for this new generation, na Davido. God bless you,”

Burna Boy, you are very talented but you no be giant of Africa. You no be Odogwu. Take it easy with your arrogance“.

Watch the video below:

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