Why I do not have a girlfriend – British Boxer, Anthony Joshua reveals

Conquering the world of boxing has not translated to conquering the “matters of the heart” as British boxer, who is the best boxer in the UK, at the moment, reveals: “I don’t have a girlfriend”.

Nigerian-born British boxer, Anthony Joshua, opened up on his challenges in finding a girlfriend, stating that it might not be easy to strike a balance with a committed relationship and his sport.

Anthony Joshua, whose net worth is well over $70m, spoke to The Sun about life on lockdown especially his personal life. Revealing the difficulty of balancing his game and a relationship, he says:

“I think you can date and still be a successful sportsman but it’s hard to find a balance and I would have to compromise — which I’ve not felt able to do.”

Bristish boxer, Anthony Joshua
Bristish boxer, Anthony Joshua

“My dad never gave me advice about much,” he continues, “but in terms of relationships what I have learnt and what I tell my son is, it would be nice to find a high school sweetheart and to grow together because as you get older you get set in your ways.

“So I do date but I don’t get to the stage where I actually put anyone into that position.

“I don’t have a girlfriend and I haven’t had one for a while. But as I get older I do think it would be nice to have someone, someone to grow with as well — but I honestly haven’t found anyone.”

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