Falz remains the sociopolitical critic in Nigerian music industry, his single ‘Talk’ massages no egos

Since the entertainment industry has put up a nonchalant attitude towards the problems of Nigeria; Falz has, continuously through his ethical lyrics, been spitting out fire in this regard.

The human rights activist and lawyer released another thought provoking single “Talk”. The rapper addresses the political setbacks and irresponsibility of our political leaders in addressing the issues bedevilling our nation.

Falz has remained outspoken about the failure of the Nigerian elites to live up to their promises especially during electioneering and political campaigns. ‘Talk’ is worth downloading.

Falz’s ‘Talk’ has fascinating lyrics like:

Brother Muric shout finish, we no see am for court
Eh eh, we no see am for court
Election don dey come, they go need your support
Eh eh, need your support

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Interestingly, “Talk” has had over a million views on YouTube since its release.

Music review by:
Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu J.

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